7 Things Stopping You from Losing Weight


In the modern millennium, men are so successful and yet they are creating problem themselves. Obesity or fitness is one of the problems causing because of natural and artificial reasons and to overcome this various weight losing programs are being advertising in newspapers, TV and the internet. The first thing we need to change is our lifestyle, but there are several things which are preventing us from doing this.

Skipping meal

It is just a misconception that by skipping our meal, we could lose our weight. It is noticed that under this situation healthy people consume more food as compared to their daily food. Moreover, it could also lead to various diseases. If a person has a habit of eating food after a short period of time, he or she must not try to skip a meal. Instead of skipping a meal, they should consult a dietitian.

Eating more, compensating with physical exercise

Undoubtedly, when a person is doing any physical exercise, he burns his calorie to lose weight. But if we think we’ll eat more and balance it by doing exercise, it is completely wrong. It could reduce the level of water in the body and a person could suffer from dehydration. Similarly, if a person wants to perform more exercise first and ten eats more as a reward for a workout could cause weight gain. To overwhelm this, one should balance both the things.

Not planning your meal

The inadequate timing of eating food could also prevent you to lose weight. Starving for a long time or eating healthy food at night may possibly avoid you to drop mass of your body. To lose some weight, there should be sufficient time gap between two meals.

Not exercising at all

Regular physical exercise does not only help to maintain our body weight but also helps us to stay fit and healthy. It maintains the physique of our body. If a person is having any medication problem, he or she should go for private counseling or group discussions. Modern lifestyle is completely ruining the health status of humans.

Using drugs supplements

Bulky persons think by taking drugs supplements they could easily lose their body weight. Although these drugs could help at some extent yet, it could affect our body for a long time. This method should be avoided. If not, it must be executed under the supervision or guidance of a dietitian.

Too much stress

To lose weight, the well-being of a person by emotional, social and physical mean is very important. An individual should stay calm and patient even if he is over-weight. The heavyweight individual does not live according to their number on the weighing scale as the hormones of human stores more fat in a stressful condition.

Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep is also responsible for hormonal instability. It directs to a variety of short-term and chronic diseases like insomnia, depression or neural disorders. Lack is sleep is a root of several diseases. It alerts us to lose our body weight.