Tips on How to Make a Tutorial Video

If you are struggling in attracting viewers to your blog or driving traffic to your website, you might like to consider producing tutorial videos. Movies are an extremely powerful SEO and marketing tool. They can not only provide educational and informative content to readers of your site and visitors to your website, however they can also have a positive effect on your search engine rankings. But there are some things you can do to ensure that your video is properly done.

  • Sound – For your video to as clear as possible, you should purchase a microphone. Purchasing a microphone that you can plug into your computer will provide you with a clearer level of sound than using the built in mic on your computer.
  • Software program – Once you have chosen a microphone that will meet your audio tracks needs, it is now time that you can choose software. This software will aid in the recording process, but with so many different variants to choose from it can be somewhat overwhelming. If you are recording your videos utilizing a Macintosh, Screenflow is popular among video creators and if you are using Windows you may want to consider Explaindio 3.0. Not simply will these two programs allow you to capture the images you want, they are also equipped with great editing tools.
  • Create A Plan – You may feel that you are prepared for what you would like to cover in your video, nevertheless the camera is started up you may lose your train of thought. To avoid this from occurring it is recommended that you write down just what you would like to cover throughout the video.
  • Practice – Before you get started recording, it is suggested that you rehearse what you are planning to say. This will make you feel more comfortable with the material and it will help it sound natural when you start documenting.
  • Show Results – While your viewers may have enjoyed watching you describe how to complete a particular task, it is important that you show them the end result. This will help prove that you really do know very well what you talking about and it will also allow them to aesthetically see the completed task.
  • Be Yourself – That is important that you be yourself throughout your video. This will help provide the video with personality and make it fun and interesting for the viewer to watch all the way through. If viewers find your video or voice to be boring, they are not likely to view it all the way through.

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